Altitude Chamber: Redux

So I blew up the first altitude chamber. Well, actually I destroyed it with a violent implosion. This is unacceptable as I need to measure the performance of the 3D printed jet nozzles in near-vacuum conditions, similar to those the HAPP will experience at 30Km altitude. What's a mad scientist to do? Solution:

(1) Take a steel drum like the one used for the altitude / vacuum chamber version 1...

(2) Then let Steve at LeForge's Pipe and Fab work on it for a while...

(3) And then you have a steel vacuum chamber reinforced with a welded steel exoskeleton. THAT oughta do it!

(4) While you're at it, have Steve cut open the crushed drum v1 so you can remove some bits of the test rig that you'd like to re-use for altitude chamber v2:

Bada bing, got your test rig bits right here:

And for the next round of vacuum test firing, I promise to set up the GoPro at 240 FPS. Just in case anything interesting (and violent) happens again.