Reader Summary after 65,000

Recently I set up a proper website for the HAPP project (you're looking at it now) and I'm transitioning the blog over to my new host at Squarespace.

As a final sign-off from the old location at Google's Blogger, I checked the geographical breakdown of my readers over the 22 months that this blog has existed (22 months to the day in fact!)

I've had a total of 66,587 visitors. As usual, most visitors are from the USA. The last time I posted stats we were at 35,000 visitors, and the #2 location was France. This time Canada steps up to join its North American neighbor. O Canada! The UK only lags by a rounding error.

After 22 months and 66,587 visitors

The top browsers used by readers are Chrome and Mobile Safari. The top posts are Controls: Implementation and Valves and Pneumatics, which are the same top two posts from a year ago when we passed 35,000 readers!